Make Smart Contracts Work  

Digital Asset Repository Built on Blockchain Distributed Ledger
Enables Trusted Credentials Exchange Between the Participants

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our aim

Digital Delivery of Education Transcripts

how it works

Digital Documents Directly Delivered from Partner Educational Institutions to Recipient Institutions

the process

Distributed Repository Built on Blockchain Will Provide Trustless Disintermediation for Secure Storage of Digital Assets.

Trusted Documents Store Built on Blockchain

Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital payment system that eliminates the need to trust a third party intermediary to execute the transactions. A distributed ledger with smart contracts acts as a third party intermediary.

The entries stored in the distributed ledger are immutable. That means nobody can change the transaction entries as the transactions are distributed. The documents are verifiable for consistency. Any node on the network can verify entire set of transactions through the blockchain thus ensuring consistency.

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